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Rogue Pickings Project

Rogue Pickings Website

HTML & CSS from Photoshop Design Comp

This simple, one page website was my first try at coding a website completely from a Photoshop design comp. Having a solid grasp of HTML5 and CSS is essential to understanding the workings of larger, more complex sites.

Jubilee Austen Project

Jubilee Austen Project

HTML5 & CSS Website

Creating this website allowed me to try my hand at page jumps and navigation, while further solidifying my working knowlege of HTML5 and CSS. I love the use of fonts and color in this site, and seeing it all come together was so rewarding.

Hostee Manifesto Project

Holstee Manifesto Project

HTML5 & CSS Exercise

This project not only introduced me to the intricacies of HTML5 & CSS, it allowed me to use my own creativity and sense of style in the process. Creating this from scratch and seeing how great it turned out was so much fun.

About Me

about me

I am passionate about the web.

After immersing myself in the world of digital marketing, branding, and social media management, I decided to dive head-first into what makes all of that possible: professional web design and hand crafted code. This diverse skill set allows me to do what I love best: helping small business owners and entrepreneurs share their passion with the world.

When I'm not behind a computer screen I'm tackling challenging home renovations with my husband. Current project: A former 1890's one room schoolhouse that's now our home.

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