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Jamie Siebens Freelance Writer

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I’ve loved to write since the day I learned to properly hold a pencil, filling journals with poems and essays, and giving words to my deepest thoughts. As an adult, I discovered that being able to express thoughts clearly and concisely was a valuable skill, especially in the online marketplace.

First an entrepreneur, I honed my writing skills to promote my own brick-and-mortar business. I wrote for nonprofits creating web content and as a social media manager for bloggers and online businesses. Eventually, I chose to pursue a full time career in writing – which is where you’ll find me today.


With a flexible writing style I can often blend in seamlessly with the unique style and voice of your brand.

Topics I can comfortably write about include:

  • Working From Home
  • Minimalism and Simple Living
  • Parenting
  • Saving Money
  • Time Management
  • Organization and Decluttering
  • and more…

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